Railings and Columns


Aluminum Associates carries Aluminum Railing and Fencing from a leading Canadian manufacturer. Products include aluminum, glass and decorative railings; privacy panels; and aluminum fence and gates.


  • Low maintenance – the finish requires virtually no maintenance, there is no need for yearly painting or sanding.
  • Durable – because it won`t rust, aluminum railing is also well suited to installation at ground level in areas such as around patio slabs.
  • Light weight – making it easy to transport and install.
  • Versatile in design – choose from a wide variety of hand rail styles, picket styles and colours.
  • Aluminum railing
  • Aluminum & glass railing
  • Aluminum & glass railing

Available Styles

There is a broad range of railing styles available. Choose from a standard picket or belly picket or one with decorative collars. There are also railings with classic double rails, or those with rings, decorative leaf patterns, or butterflies between the two rails. If you are looking for a barrier that still allows visibility, we offer a criss cross design or glass panels. There are also four different options for handrail styles. Check out the Aluminum Railing Catalogue if you`d like to see the full range of possibilities

For more information about aluminum railings or to get an estimate, call or visit our showroom to speak to an Aluminum Associates sales representative.

Decorative Columns

Whether your home`s architectural style is classic or contemporary, these attractive columns will add a new dimension and value to your home.

Rigid manufacturing standards ensure invisible joints, superior weather resistance, and a dazzling finish. The baked on paint finish makes them maintenance free. Decorative aluminum columns are available in interlocking pieces, which can be installed around an existing post.

Aluminum Columns

Round, fluted aluminum columns are available in a painted white finish and come in 5 1/4", 7 1/4", 10" or 12" diameters, in heights of 8` to 14` (height availability varies depending on the diameter of the column).

Square, fluted aluminum columns are available in 3 3/4", 5 1/4" or 7 1/4" widths and in 8`, 9` and 10` heights. Square columns are available in White, Commercial Brown, Black or Clay colours. 

If you have a question about any of the products that we sell, if you`d like to receive a free estimate for professional installation, or ask about a project you`re going to install yourself, don`t hesitate to contact us – we`re happy to help. You can speak to a sales representative in our showroom at 1801 Trafalgar St. East, call us at 519-453-6400, or click here to e-mail us.